Local councils (contacts)


(meets every other month)

Ian Ansell, Chairman (07884-342201);
Clerk – Mrs Tina Page, mobile 07858-518636, email — geldestonclerk@hotmail.co.uk
NEW parish council website — https://www.geldestonpc.info/


(meets every month, except January and August)

Rae Massingham, Chairman (01502-715803);
Clerk – Mrs Julia Punt, tel 01502-575518, email — juliapuntgpc@btinternet.com
parish council website — http://gillingham-pc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk/

Kirby Cane & Ellingham

(meets every other month)

John Cook, Chairman (01508-5128301), mobile 07825-542634, ja.cook11@btinternet.com
Clerk – Jane Love, tel 01508-518375, email – kceclerk@gmail.com
parish council website — https://kceparishcouncil.wixsite.com/kcepc


(meets once every quarter)

Ailsa Pringle, Chairwoman (01508-518202);
Secretary – Paula Jeffries (01508-548602).

South Norfolk District Council

tel. (general enquiries) 01508-533701
council website — https://www.south-norfolk.gov.uk/

District councillors


Ellingham, Geldeston and Kirby Cane — Mr Brendon Bernard: bbernard@s-norfolk.gov.uk (01986-893240)

Ellingham, Geldeston and Kirby Cane — Chris Brown: cbrown@s-norfolk.gov.uk (07967-343653)

Gillingham — James Knight: jknight@s-norfolk.gov.uk (07860-599015)

Stockton — Kay Mason Billig: kbillig@s-norfolk.gov.uk (07545-905410)

Norfolk County Council

tel. (general enquiries) 0344-800-8020, Mon-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm
council website — https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/

County councillor

Mrs Margaret Stone: margaret.stone.cllr@norfolk.gov.uk
May 2020 County Council elections postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak