Geldeston PC annual meeting, 2018

Parish Council Annual Meeting (Summary)

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The Annual meeting of the Parish Council was held on Wednesday, 9 MAY 2018 in the Village Hall. Here is a summary.

Chairman and Vice Chairperson – Councillor Patrick Dawnay was re-appointed as the Chairman. Councillor Alison Norman was re-appointed as the Vice Chairperson.

Annual Parish Meeting This followed straight after the full council meeting. There was a poor turnout by parishioners.

Chairman’s report – There are many excellent people in the village that do lots for the village. The Wherry Inn, the allotments, the Litter Picks, the Village Hall are but a few that make the village what it is.

Thank you – Cllr Norman thanked Cllr Dawnay for his efforts this last year.

River Footpath – It has been noticed that there has been work done on the footpath. Thank you.

Speeding through the village – This is continuing to be a problem. Hopefully, the Speed Watch may stop some of this.

Refuse – It was suggested that a recycling refuse bin could be provided for small recyclable electrical appliances. The council will look into this.

Playground – The future of the playground above the Kells Estate was discussed. The parish council would like to know your views on what you would like us to do with this.

Would you like the play equipment there? Does it get used? How about a picnic site with benches and tables?

If anyone is interested in becoming a Councillor there is still a vacancy.

Next bimonthly Parish Council meeting  — Wednesday 11 July, 7:30 pm in Village Hall

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