Gillingham Annual Parish meeting (2 May)

The 2018 Annual Parish Meeting took place
at Gillingham Village Hall on Wednesday, 2 May 2018.

gillingham pcThis included reports for 2017-2018 from:

  • Parish Council Chairperson
  • Village Hall Chairperson
  • St Michael’s Primary School
  • Gillingham “Early Years” (Pre-School)
  • Gillingham Ladies Group

Full reports and minutes can be found on the Gillingham village website (see below) or on parish notice boards.

Any Other Business One of the residents enquired when the grass cutting started, and why there appeared to be a different contractor to that at Hemmant Way. Clerk to find out.

There were complaints about car parking especially opposite road junctions (Todhunter Way being one). Please park with more consideration and, if possible, make use of your driveways.

Comments were also made regarding land owners retaining old and redundant household articles and other equipment on their land.

On a more positive note the parish council would like to thank and welcome Mr. Kevin Foley, the new manager of McDonald’s. He has been making real efforts to contain the litter problem and quash anti-social behaviour, with police being present and prosecuting one offender.

There being no other business the meeting was closed. It was followed by the Annual Meeting of the Gillingham Parish Council.

Gillingham Parish Council
Annual Meeting 2018

Business transacted included:

Election of Officers of the Council – Chairperson,
Vice-Chairperson and Responsible Finance Officer.

Parish Ten see Parish Meeting.

Village upkeepThe problem of standing water on the road outside 27 Kings Dam is still ongoing; the parish council are not happy with the Broads Authority’s response. Highways have visited to effect repair, but the parish council are not confident this will solve the issue and will pursue to rectify before the next heavy rainfall.

Report received from David Bracey regarding the Playground. Remedy of minor actions required. Clerk to get the Mole Pest man to visit again and to ask Clinks Farm if they could deal with the rabbit scrapings when they cut the grass.

The drain by the bus stop has previously been reported, but no action has yet been taken; report again.

Cllr Ward said that the potholes at The Boundaries still need attention despite being previously reported, and the footpath from the Geldeston Road to the Old Yarmouth Road needs cutting.

Clerk to find out when the old phone boxes will be removed.

Planning Matters – 2018/0742, “Withaview”, Rectory Road: in the absence of any comments to the contrary, the parish council approved the planning application.

Any Other Business Cllr Ward reported that the Litter Pick on 29 April had gone well. Seven people took part and collected about nine bags of rubbish. She would like to do another in November.

Cllr Massingham had attended the Village Hall AGM. Substantial alterations were being made to the hall to improve the facilities, both for the Gillingham “Early Years” pre-school group and for the hall itself. It was pleasing that three new members had joined the Hall committee.

In conclusion, Cllr Massingham thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.

Next Meeting – Wednesday, 6 June 2018, 7.30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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