Growing a Tomato Plant

gillingham schoolWe now have our very own newspaper. Reuben Thompson (10 years old), from the Swan Class, is the editor and has a few reporters writing for him. Here is an excerpt about our School Garden Project.

“A month ago, Mallard class wrote to Mrs Brand, our head teacher, to ask for a School Garden. Some children wrote to Urban Jungle, asking for equipment such as seeds, pots, trowels and soil. Fortunately, Mrs Brand wrote back and said that she liked the idea of a School Garden.

A few days later Urban Jungle replied and gave us seeds and a business card of their company. A month later, the weather started to warm up and we put them in the greenhouse. Some of the parents came to help lay some gravel and dig up the turf.

Two of our reporters have been finding out ‘How to grow a cherry-tomato plant’:

  1. Get a plastic container and fill it with compost
  2. With your little finger make a hole in the middle of the compost. Place your seed in the hole upright. Fill the hole with a small amount of soil
  3. Then water it with a small amount of water –
    be careful not to drown it!
  4. Leave it in the greenhouse, making sure it gets lots of sun
  5. Every now and again go and water it.

That’s how to grow a tomato plant!”


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