Kirby Cane & Ellingham PC update

The Parish Council met on Wednesday, 18 APRIL, before the Annual Parish Meeting, to discuss the issue of the footway lights in the village. South Norfolk Council had already decided to hand over responsibility for these lights (of which there are 25 in KCE) to parishes, and then left it up to the individual councils whether they would accept the responsibility, and the financial implications, or not.

Kirby Cane & Ellingham councillors decided, after an active debate, to adopt the footway lights and review each one on a case-by-case basis following the report of the dedicated contractor. Obviously, there will be a cost involved, which is not clear at this time. South Norfolk Council will give a one-off payment, equivalent to the current removal cost for each light, which will be placed in the council’s reserve funds for the ongoing support of the footway lights.


The Annual Parish Meeting followed the parish council meeting, and residents heard reports from the local charities and clubs as well as the parish council’s report for the year.

The audience was then treated to a very interesting presentation by Julie King of Norfolk Parishes Training Partnership, about the new General Data Protection Regulations which came into effect on 25 May. Mrs King gave a concise overview of these regulat-ions, which will affect us all in various ways. Refreshments were available after the meeting.

Next Parish Council meeting – Monday, 16 July, 7.30 pm, Village Hall

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