Balance and Bloomers

Thought for the Month.

What do you do in June – apart from watching the World Cup, perhaps? For many of us it’s time to see what’s growing in the garden, and maybe take a trip to the garden centre for something bright and cheerful to flower throughout the summer. It’s the time when we hope for the right balance of sunshine and showers to nurture a good harvest.

Balance is important – not just for toddlers learning to walk or sports players running around the pitch. We all need to balance the activities in our lives. I love my job as Rector of these parishes, but I know that taking time to rest or to do other things is important, too. (I don’t always manage it, as friends and colleagues will know.)

The problem comes when our lives are thrown out of balance by circumstances we can’t control. It might be illness or financial matters or relationships – there are so many possibilities. We still need cheerfulness and a positive outlook, but it’s hard to achieve. I believe that the answer lies in the solid grounding and realistic hope that Jesus Christ offers. You might respond, “Well, he would think that, he’s the Rector.” But there are others in your community who agree with me and could tell you stories about how Jesus makes a difference in their lives.


This Musing is entitled “Balance and Bloomers”. I chose it because when we plant a balance of faith in our lives we harvest the flowers of assurance, contentment and love. Think about it as you enjoy the garden this summer, and maybe have a chat with one of our clergy team if you’d like to know more.

David Owen

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