Gillingham PC update

gillingham pcParish Council Meeting, 6 June

Agenda items discussed included:

Parish Ten – Following the meeting at Geldeston regarding the future of St. Mary’s Church in Gillingham, a Church Road resident attended the council meeting.

The meeting in Geldeston discussed the letting of the church on a more permanent basis to the Romanian Orthodox churchgoers. The resident complained that household rubbish is being left in the bins which are overflowing, children are running on the graves, and grave flowers have been cut when the grass is mowed. He was also concerned at inconsiderate parking with no regard for local residents by the priest or the church-goers. The clerk was requested to write to the Archdeacon and ask for information regarding the results of the meeting.

On a more positive note the Parish Council would like to thank the new owner of McDonald’s for his continuing efforts regarding rubbish, anti-social behaviour and parking at the edge of the roundabout.

Appreciation was also received by the council for the new dog bin installed at the top of King’s Dam.

Village Matters – The recent rainfall indicates that there is still a problem on Kings Dam regarding the water not draining away. This has now been escalated to a Stage 1 complaint (courtesy of one of the residents) and should be investigated shortly.

Cllr Hoare has been clipping the overhanging hedge shoots along the footpath from The Street to The Boundaries. Footpaths near the Boundaries still not cut – report again. Areas around the allotments are overgrown with brambles. Clerk to ask Clinks Farm if they can cut them back when they do the grass. Two drains near the Loddon Road bus stop need reporting again.

The parish council is still in desperate need of a reasonably priced handyman to take on odd jobs in the village. Would suit retired person – please contact the clerk or one of the councillors if you are interested.

Annual Accounts – The RFO has signed the AGAR Pt 2 and now requests the parish council to

(a) consider the Accounting Statements as members of the meeting as a whole; (b) approve the accounting statements by resolution – proposed as approved by Cllr Massingham and seconded by Cllr Thrower (all in favour); (c) ensure the Accounting Statements are signed and dated by the person presiding at the meeting at which that approval is given. Witnessed by the council members present.

Items: Cost of insurance Zurich (3-years LTA) – £630.05; 1st half of annual precept received (£102.00 grant included) – £3,401; C. Cook, Auditor – £35.00.


Village Hall donation. The Village Hall asked the Parish Council if it could contribute to the hall improvements. The hall would like to use the money (£750, made up of £450 CIL money, and £300.00 Transport Rally donation) to make a paved seating area outside the new kitchen. Th money would be used to lay new slabs and buy some suitable outdoor seating and tables.

There is still a councillor vacancy if anybody is interested in joining the Parish Council.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday, 4 July 2018, starting at 7.30 pm. Everybody is welcome to attend.

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