School Fete and Show (1 July)

gillingham schoolSkylarks class have been on a school trip to Banham Zoo. We were very lucky to have such super weather! Children had the opportunity to hold a cockroach and a millipede if they wanted to and were able to see lots of animals. Our next topic is Castles and children are currently busy making a castle for the classroom.

Swans and Mallards classes have started rehearsing for their end of term production “Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies” which promises to be a fantastic show.

The whole school came together for Sports Day on Friday, 8 June. There was a sponsored run in the morning where every child ran or walked for 15 minutes to raise money for new sports equipment for the school. This was a great success with some of our children running over three kilometres in their time! At the end of the day there was a bake sale provided by our Year 6 children to raise money for their end of term trip.

Gillingham school fete and show

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