From the editors (September)

editorFirst, an apology for the late appearance of the September issue. The new team at Tidings is learning on the job – we hope to be back to normal service from now on.

All of us are volunteers. Those who deserve especial thanks, perhaps, are our 35 distributors who, month after month, and in all weathers, deliver the magazine to your door. Mrs Preston of Kirby Cane asked us to include the following words of gratitude:

“A big thank-you to Jo Lines for her great help in delivering Tidings to our parishioners each month. Jo took over a round when someone was unwell and has carried on for four years – many thanks Jo, enjoy the rest.”

Thanks to everyone who sends us information. Our three parish councils and Stockton’s quarterly meeting are all scheduled to meet during September. They send us a summary of their minutes and we are happy to print them. In November, naturally, we shall publish material about our war memorials and the centenary of the War to End All War. It’s also the end of the composting season. We want to report on the Community Composting Scheme, run successfully for the last 12 years in Geldeston, which earned the credits that funded the recent purchase of our defibrillator.

Your letters, comments and stories are welcome. We’d like to publish more about present activities in all five parishes, and about local history — nothing as exciting as 1371 when the villagers burned down Ellingham Mill, perhaps, but our life is changing, and the magazine is a good place to record and discuss those changes.

Different kinds of activity and entertainment are promised in coming months. The traditional local celebration in September is Harvest Festival. This year it is being held on the evening of Sunday, 23 September, in Stockton at our smallest and oldest church.

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