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Parish Council — Summary of 11 JULY 2018 meeting.

Speed Watch
The Speed Watch is up and running. It is proving difficult to establish the make, model and registration number of particularly fast-moving vehicles. We will seek advice on whether we can extend our activities further down Station Road: the difficulty is the safety of the volunteers.

There are problems with the drain by the Village Hall and at the corner of Big Row next to the Rowan Craft entrance.

New Play Area
Vanessa Lindsey has kindly taken the lead in this. There will be a committee formed to run this project and seek funding. Please let the Clerk know if you are interested in helping. The play area will remain in the same place. GPC would like to thank Vanessa for her interest and help so far. The response to the questionnaire was good and helpful.

Councillor vacancy
If anyone is interested in becoming a Councillor there is still a vacancy.

Date of next meeting
Wednesday, 12 September, back in Village Hall, at 7:30pm.

More information on the Parish Council website:

You can contact the parish clerk, Mrs Tina Page via email: or by phone: 07703-567622

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