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gillingham pcParish Council, July 2018 (draft minutes)

Agenda items discussed included:

Parish Ten – Parishioners’ slot

Six members of the public attended including a representative from McDonald’s on behalf of Kevin Foley, the owner.

McDonald’s at Widow’s Cruse, Gillingham

Mr Foley’s representative told the meeting about McDonald’s plans with regard to the local community,

  • to reduce noise and litter,
  • to address car parking issues and, generally,
  • to contain anti-social behaviour by customers
    that affects local residents.

Litter and noise are being targeted and wider areas are now being monitored. Parking at the roundabout is also being addressed.

The parish council commended the efforts of McDonald’s in these respects and expressed its appreciation. Mr Foley’s representative said there would be a new business manager arriving shortly. Signage encouraging customers to keep the noise down had been increased.

McDonald’s staff are now able to issue a notice to any trouble-makers and this will be followed up by the police. They are keen to get involved in local events and are actively looking for other local projects.

Cllr Hoare said that the council appreciated the efforts on litter and an improvement had been noticed.

Hedges, footpaths and pavements

Residents are asked to inspect their hedges and where they
are growing over the paths please cut them back to help keep paths clear for pushchairs, etc.

Village Matters
Hedges on The Street need cutting back. The footpath between Geldeston and the Yarmouth Road has still not been cut. Trees are obscuring the view of the school and bus stop signs on Loddon Road. Walnut tree outside the village hall also hindering bus stop view.

General complaints regarding overgrown hedges hindering mobility and pushchairs. Pavement along Gillingham Dam into Beccles is very overgrown, hindering pedestrians.

A complaint has been received regarding the state of the playground on King’s Dam. Grass-cutting there has been delayed due to sickness at the company responsible. Clerk to investigate costs of rabbit-proofing the entire area.

Drain at bus stop to be reported again. King’s Dam issue on flooding still being actioned.

Planning Matters
2018/1022 Location: Grove Sheds (Gunners Lodge). On track off Rectory Road, Gillingham, Norfolk. Proposal: Notification for Prior Approval for a proposed change of use and associated building works of an agricultural building to a dwelling-house (QA and QB).

The application has now been withdrawn.

Any Other Business
Village Hall donation. This is being sorted out so that the parish council can purchase the items and give them to the village hall.

The parish clerk has sent a note to County Cllr Margaret Stone congratulating her on becoming chairman of Norfolk County Council.

She replied with thanks and reminded her constituents that she is still very much available for consultation over issues.

Allotment rents now due
Posters will be displayed. The clerk will be available from 6.00 pm before the council meeting on Wednesday, 5 September to take rents. No rents will be taken once the meeting has started.

Date of Next Meeting
Wednesday, 5 September 2018 at the Village Hall, starting at 7.30 pm. Everybody is welcome to attend.

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