The Road to Recovery (2)

Thought for the Month.

(Part One: July-August 2018)

Most of my hair fell out but I was given a very fetching wig which people often mistook for my real hair! I also lost my eyebrows and lashes. I remembered that Jesus said that each hair of our heads is numbered. Apparently, we have about 100,000 of them. That’s how much God loves us. But the thing is, hair grows back.

Someone told me that when she went through chemotherapy, her husband held one hand and God held the other. I didn’t have a husband but had friends who took me to hospital and stayed with me when they could. I also knew that many people were praying for me. Friends made us meals, walked the dogs and did the shopping .

Once I was over treatment I felt better than I had done for a long time and several people have commented on how well I look.

I was proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel, someone told me. Now I know full well that not everyone’s cancer is cured. I have known several people who have died of cancer, including my father.

But I believe there’s still light at the end of the tunnel because of faith in the Risen Jesus, who is waiting there, at the end of the tunnel or, maybe, even travelling through it beside you.

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