All Choices, Great and Small

Thought for the Month.

As I write this it is far too hot for me. I’m definitely not a sun-seeker, preferring cooler temperatures and breezy days. But obviously I can’t choose.

Having a choice is something our society values. It’s good to be able to choose our lifestyle rather than have someone else’s preferences forced on us. But I wonder if we sometimes have too much choice?

It is a known fact that if people are offered too many choices they stop being able to make decisions. It happens with any choices, whether they are about big things or insignificant ones. Of course, if it’s just a question of which cereal to choose if your usual one is not available it doesn’t really matter much, but some other questions do.

Back at the beginning of August we ran a Holiday Club (in the Chet Valley) where we looked at some of the amazing things Jesus did and some of his memorable sayings. There were occasions when he healed people, when he fed people and when he stopped them being afraid. None of these were done in order to show off, but because he wanted to share God’s love with ordinary folk. He wanted to offer them a chance to choose to live within the power and love of God.

The church today is made up of ordinary folk. Mostly we’re people with ordinary lives who live in an ordinary place. But if you talk to us you’ll find there is something extraordinary about us – we have experienced God’s love and we’d like to share it with you too.

We all make choices about how we would like to live, and whose teachings we follow. I’ve chosen to follow the teachings of Jesus – if you’d like to know why I think that’s a good idea, I’d be happy to chat.

Revd. David Owen
Rural Dean

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