Gillingham PC update

Parish Council, September 2018 (draft minutes)

Agenda items discussed included:


gillingham pcFour members of the public were in attendance. Parking at The Boundaries is still an issue, even before the new term starts at Gillingham Primary School. Parking during the holidays is a problem with people parking on the path. The Parish Council said they would try and get the new PCSO involved but as a council there is very little they can do to make people park more considerately.

Cllr Ward said she would ask the head teacher to remind parents to park as considerately as possible and not block driveways, even for a short period.


More complaints have been received about the state of the playground. The council is aware of the problems and Cllr Black suggested a work party to see what could be done. Gillingham is not alone in suffering from rabbit scrapings and pigeon droppings.

The council will look at ways to stop the pigeons from perching on the play equipment but since it is an outdoor playground it will be subject to wild-life problems. Parents are encouraged to go prepared to clean swings with wet wipes which can then be placed in the litter bin. A small group of (would-be) regular users are needed to help keep the playground in reasonable condition with the support of the parish council.

There have been more requests for a bus shelter for the Norwich bound side of Loddon Road. Council is looking for suitable grants.

Litter Pick – Cllr Black said she is waiting for the undergrowth to die down and has chosen Saturday, 10 November as a suitable date. Those interested can meet at no.33 Kings Dam at 9.30am, meeting there again for refreshments about 11.30am.


Notification had been received from Norfolk CC that carriageway resurfacing at A146/A143 roundabout would begin on Wednesday,
12 September, carried out overnight 7.00pm to 6.00am taking 3 nights, weather permitting.

Planning Matters

2018/1677 – Old Rectory, Rectory Rd, Gillingham. Change existing garage to games room with skylights; construction of a swimming pool and garage. No objections.

2018/1667 – McDonalds. Installation of “folded roof” extensions. 2018/1668 – McDonalds. Relocation of sign and installation of seven new signs. No objections.


The allotment gate lock has again gone missing. This is because people who open it do not secure it to the chain and lock it by changing the number from the unlock position. It has been decided to change the number: anyone who has not paid will not be able to unlock the gate.

Those who have paid their annual dues will be contacted shortly with the number and an instruction not to leave the gate open and unlocked when leaving the allotments. Anybody still to pay, please contact the parish clerk as soon as possible.

Next meeting: Wednesday, 3 October 2018. at the Village Hall, starting at 7.30 pm. Everybody is welcome to attend.

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