Kirby Cane & Ellingham PC update

Parish Council Annual Meeting, 16 JULY 2018.

Five councillors, the clerk and 12 members of the public were present.

Matters Arising from the May 2018 minutes

School Parking – Cllr Skipper reported that he had spoken to one of the farmers of the land opposite the school, who was aware that car-parking would be desirable. He suggested that the council should also approach the owner of the land north of the school.

The clerk was asked to approach NCC Highways again to check what the attitude would be to a car-park in the various locations, as well as the owner of the land between the playing field and the affordable housing.

Footway between the Memorial Hall and the Shop – the Highways engineer had reiterated the previous reply that NCC would not remove the existing footway on either side of the road, as both footways are obviously used by pedestrians. If the footway was removed, pedestrians would walk in the road, which would not be acceptable, and for this reason alone Highways would not consider removing the footway.

Councillors did not feel that this was an acceptable response, especially as residents parked on the pavement adjacent to the cottages when they knew large vehicles would be passing. It was suggested that residents should get photographic evidence of vehicles mounting the pavement opposite, and vehicles parked on the pavement.

Vegetation in Honeypot Lane – this had been passed to a contractor and would be carried out on the back of the Public Right of Way (PROW) cut, which should take place in the next few weeks.

Contributions from the Public
A resident enquired when the bench would be installed at the junction of Mill Road and Crisp Road. The clerk confirmed that the parish council had completed its part of the process and would check with the funeral director that was making the arrangements.

A resident reported that South Norfolk Council said they had to leave their waste and garden bins on the pavement for collection, even though this made it difficult for pedestrians to use the pavement. The resident felt they had been given no option, as the bin collection staff were no longer allowed to take the bins from just inside their gate.

A resident of the Ellingham Mill area reported that lorries had been trying to cross the Waveney at the mill. Unable to pass between the wooden bollards, they then reverse over gardens and driveways. It appears that Norfolk County Council will take no action as it was the responsibility of the police to enforce weight restrictions on these roads.

The footpath from Ellingham to Bungay was overgrown – the clerk reported that this should be back on the NCC list of PROW cutting. The chairman offered to cut back brambles on Mill Road which had stretched across the footpath with his hedge cutter.

The Family Boot Camp mentioned at the last meeting would take place for a six-week period at Kirby Cane Memorial Hall from 29 July to 2 September, to give rural residents access to a fitness facility. It aims to inspire people of all ages to become more active.

Financial report and approved payments
As of May 2018, the balance brought forward was £17,226 (including this year’s precept or contribution from central government). The largest approved expense was a total of £4,180 for new swings in the playground.

The balance was made up as follows: £2,500 towards the cost of future elections; £5,000 in general reserves; a £500 legal & professional reserve; a £1,000 contingency reserve; and £926.37 remaining of a grant to the Memorial Hall made during the financial year 2018/19.

Playing field
Most rubbish was being put in bins and not scattered around the park. There had been no recent trouble at night.

ROSPA had done its annual inspection, and the playground committee felt it was a good report with most items Low or Very Low risk. The only High-Risk item was the skate park, which had paint flaking, but this had been reported to the supplier and should be dealt with soon. It was no danger to children using the equipment.

The junior swings were still in need of attention, but these were due for replacement imminently. The roundabout would be installed before the summer holidays began and an application had been submitted to the Kirby Cane Charity for assistance with the cost.

Playground Committee
The Adnams charity awarded the council £1,375 towards the toddler swings. The junior swings had been replaced and the toddler swings would be installed the following week. The roundabout had been ordered and was due to be installed 1st week of August.

Funding for these items had come from the Tesco appeal, the “Love Norfolk” Fund, Lovewell Blake, Adnams and the Parish Council’s donations for last year and the current year. This would leave approximately £1,000 spare to replace the surfacing beneath the original play tower, and other areas which were identified in the ROSPA report.

The committee hopes to install several more picnic benches/tables for the summer months and have approached Kirby Cane Charities for a contribution towards this expense. It may also approach local businesses to see if they were interested in sponsoring a bench with a plaque (Ellingham United Charities perhaps, Crossways, Grain Store, Olive Tree, Pizza places, etc).

The total amount raised to date was over £67,000 including the kind donations from the Parish Council. The committee’s intention, after the above, was to spend any surplus on the picnic benches and then start another round of fundraising with a view to replacing the original play tower if necessary and/or to extend the skatepark. The committee thanked all the councillors and the community for their continued support in enabling us to achieve the dream of having the best park in the area.

Jane Love
Clerk to the Parish Council

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