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Since June this year, we’ve done a few things to make Tidings magazine a better read. No text in the magazine is now printed too small or cramped to decipher.

editorThe churches, village halls and parish councils have all provided us with material and by thumbing through the month’s Tidings you can find what’s going on in your parish and in the neighbouring villages. Less good news is the changes this month to some of our daily bus services (see pp. 32-33).

Our three village halls, meanwhile, are putting on exhibitions, films and even a pantomime early next year, and host a dozen regular social, sporting and artistic activities (see What’s On, inside back cover) in addition to parish council meetings and pre-school classes.

We have the correct dates, at last, for each regular activity. Now send us a few words about your group — we and our readers would like to know more.


The 35-year-old Stockton man who died, leading Royal Marine Commando ‘A’ in the assault on the harbour at Dieppe in 1942, was wrongly named in the previous issue (October Tidings, “Lest We Forget”). He was Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Picton Phillips.

The sum generously contributed by Geldeston Parish Council towards the final stages of the Village Hall’s extensive programme of repairs and renovation was £3,700 (not £2,700 as reported last month).

Any corrections, please, in writing to John.

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