Restoring Geldeston churchyard

Tidings (November 2018)

On behalf of the church and the parishioners, Geldeston Parochial Church Council would like to thank the volunteers who, over the past few months have cut the grass in the churchyard, cleared piles of branches and leaves, and removed the ivy from headstones and, particularly, from the wall adjoining the area where cremations are interred.

One more cut is planned this year, in late October or early November. Then, next year, the churchyard will begin to look as it should – an area that is friendly both to nature, especially wild flowers, and to the many who come, from near and far, to the church and to visit family graves.

Our thanks to Bill, John and, especially, to Mr Peter Etheridge who has brought his skills as a gardener and interests as a keen ornithologist to the task.

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