Gillingham PC update

Parish Council, 3 October 2018 (draft minutes)

Agenda items discussed included:

gillingham pcPARISH TEN – parishioners slot:  Six members of the public attended.

Concern was raised about the sinking of manhole covers and the road on Kings Dam, and the increasingly uneven surface of Gillingham Dam.  The parish clerk will ask the Highways to inspect.

The issue of inconsiderate parking at The Boundaries was again raised.  The parish council said it was happy to support attempts to resolve the problem but had no powers to enforce a solution. That was a matter for the police who were invited to attend the parish council meeting but had not responded. Neither was the school responsible, but it would happily remind parents of the matter in its next newsletter.

Efforts to improve the playground have been made. The scrapings are a risk to ankles and it might be safer to temporarily remove the goal posts. The space can still be used for ball games, but greater care needs to be taken. A parent spoke on behalf of others who wanted the playground to be returned to a usable state. She would report back to her friends with a view to forming a committee to liaise with the parish council.  The council was happy to support this initiative and to help finance the purchase of any equipment needed.  Please contact the council if you would like to be put in touch with those already interested or come to the next council meeting on Wednesday, 7 November.


Village Litter Pick 2018 – Meet at 9.30 pm on Saturday 10 November at 33, Kings Dam.

Remedial work to deal with the manhole cover near the Loddon Road bus stop was scheduled but might not be done for up to six weeks. The problem of surface water opposite 108 The Street had also been scheduled.

Highways were pursuing cutting of The Street hedge with the field owner. Highways have now taken responsibility for the Kings Dam flooding problem and should be addressing it. Path opposite 1 The Boundaries has been scheduled for cutting. The willows on Kings Dam are due to be pollarded next March.

The signpost on Geldeston Road needs putting up again after being dislodged. Highway Rangers to be asked to cut around school signs on Geldeston Road and also on Loddon Rd. Cutting of Millennium Corner to improve the traffic visibility will also be requested.  Cllr Ward said she felt that the school sign coming from the Gillingham direction was badly placed. Clerk to have a look and see if can be moved. A suggestion of flashing school signs was made: clerk to investigate cost.


Remembrance Sunday, 11 November.  Due to the absence of a local vicar, the clerk is trying to find a substitute.  If none can be found, then there will still be a wreath laying and a minute’s silence at the War Memorial as usual at 3.00 pm.

The Octogenarian’s Gift List is open for anybody 80 or over to receive a small gift, courtesy of the Gregorian Allotment fund.  If you are eligible and would like to be included, please contact one of the parish councillors or the clerk.

Clerk to find out what is happening with the grit bin requested for Kings Dam.

Date of Next Meeting:  Wednesday 7 November 2018, at 7.30 pm.  Everybody is welcome to attend.

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