Gillingham PC update

gillingham pcThe Council met on 5 November. The following items were discussed.

Parish Ten – parishioners slot

Twelve members of the public attended the meeting.

Question asked about the progress of the Marsh Lane footpath. Cllr Black said she has recently received communication on this from NCC who are clarifying the route and the application is progressing. Apparently, the gate has now been locked and nailed shut (the clerk will pass this information on to NNC). There are no animals grazing but the public are being blocked.

The next question was how often does the Broads Authority look at river banks as some of them are not in a good condition. The clerk will send a general enquiry to the Broads Authority.

The moles on the playground continue to be active – unfortunately there has been no further communication from a group wishing to look after it. Dogs have been seen running on the playground and the clerk will make sure there is a ‘no dogs’ sign in place. The light near the bus stop has been reported and is still awaiting attention.

A small number of people wanted to discuss the planned restaurant proposed to take the place of the fire damaged workshop just this side of Beccles Bridge. After much discussion the consensus seemed to be that any objections centred around noise and anti-social behaviour late at night and revellers continuing if boats were moored nearby, especially with noise travelling over water.

The parish council were also very concerned about pedestrian access with only one footpath the opposite side of the road and fast-moving traffic coming over the bridge also affecting car park access as well as those on foot. Impact on local wildlife, increased traffic over the bridge, what would happen to the footpath – all issues brought up that need addressing as far as the neighbours are concerned. Individuals should put their concerns forward to the Broads Authority and the parish council will also put these issues to them.

Boundaries parking problems

the parish council are very sympathetic and have involved the local
police who have visited, but this is ultimately a South Norfolk council / Police problem which the parish council have no control over.

Village Matters. Buses

The BACT BUS has been withdrawn.  The Clerk has asked CC Margaret Stone to find out what is happening as this is seriously affecting early users wanting to get to work. The drain at the village hall bus shelter has sunk badly with water collecting and showering pedestrians who are waiting at the stop. Please be aware of this problem which hopefully will be fixed shortly. This is also causing water to collect in the shelter.

Correspondence. SNC email

South Norfolk Council will be writing to waste bin customers regarding possible change of garden waste bin collection day.

Planning Matters

BA/2018/0375/CU – Gillingham Dam change of use. The clerk asked for an extension of response time for this, so the representatives of the nearby area could attend and make comment – see Parishioners Ten above.

BA/2018/0390/FUL – Hippersons Boatyard – no objections

BA/2018/0344/FUL – Bramley, Barn conversion & extension – no objections

Greater Norwich Planning – New & Revised small sites – proposal of land behind the village hall for new housing submitted & a small area off Norwich Road.

Any Other Business

A request for hedgehog signs was requested.  The council agreed with this and the clerk will liaise with the proposer and see what can be done.

Reminder of elections May 2019 – the council will be up for re-election, anybody who would like to stand please contact the clerk.

The clerk has found a contact name and is trying to find out when the old BT telephone boxes are likely to be removed.

Date of Next Meeting:  Wednesday, 5 December 2018, and will start at 7.30pm. (First meeting in 2019 will be on Wednesday, 6 February.)

Full minutes on village notice boards and Gillingham website.

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