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<<Tidings, February 2019>>

Looking for gentler forms of fitness training for the post-Christmas season? In addition to Pilates in Geldeston and Kirby Cane, dance classes with Ayesha (Centre Stage) in Gillingham, and Keep Fit with Lorna in Kirby Cane, two other forms of exercise from West and East are now on offer locally: Sit and Be Fit on alternate Monday nights, and Qi Gong every Thursday, both at Kirby Cane Memorial Hall.

Every month we carry summaries of recent parish council meetings: see reports from Gillingham, Geldeston and Kirby Cane and Ellingham  in this issue.

Why summaries? Because the minutes of each meeting can only be approved and posted online when the parish council next meets, one or two months later (see parish council websites for full and approved minutes). Rather than wait that long, the clerks of each council prepare a short summary of what was discussed to be included in the Tidings magazine and circulated to all parishioners.

On 2 May there are district and parish council elections. If you want to join the parish council for your village, the deadline for nominations is 3 April – see detailed report in Kirby Cane summary.

As a community magazine, we report on local activities at our churches and village halls, we provide information about bus services and our mobile library, and we advertise the services of local organisations. Adding variety to our contents in this issue are the February highlights from the Fisher Theatre in Bungay.

Over the 13 years since it re-opened as a theatre, the management of the Fisher Theatre has turned the small venue into a centre for every kind of activity, catering to all ages and tastes. It does this today without any regular funding, apart from its ticket sales, but enjoys strong community support, not least from its many volunteers. Well worth a visit.


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