Geldeston Parish Council


<<Tidings, February 2019>>

The Parish Council met on 9th JANUARY 2019. Here is the summary:

Speed Watch – The form has gone in for the Speed Awareness Machine to seek 50% grant from the Parish Partnership. It was agreed to go in with half the costs to Ellingham and Kirby Cane Parish Council.

Precept – The Precept was agreed to request £6,565.00 which means there is a reduction of the parish council share of Council Tax to £38.62.

New Play Area – Let’s Play Working Party is still working on the new play area, please email:

Elections (2 May) – The Parish Council Elections are May 2nd. Become a local councillor: make a difference.

Green Project – Councillor Norman would like to send thanks to Jolyon Oxley and the Green Project for all the help. We would like a volunteer to head up the team or share the responsibility.

Annual Parish Meeting (8 May) – We are looking for positives and negatives on what the Council has done or needs to do. Please could you send your views to the Village Hall letter box. This can be anonymous. You are welcome to come to the Annual Parish Meeting on 8th May to voice your views.

Date of next meeting – Wednesday, 13th March 2019 at 7:30pm.

Mrs Tina Page, Clerk to the Council
tel 07703-567622, email:

More information at: