Gillingham Parish Council

<<Tidings, February 2019>>

The Council met on 5 December 2018. The following items were discussed.

Parish Ten ( parishioners’ slot) – Six members of the public attended the meeting.

Plans for the extension of McDonalds car parking were further discussed with issues regarding the increase of noise levels and anti-social behaviour uppermost. Although the deadline for parish council comments had passed the council agreed to write to the planning department voicing concerns about noise levels, anti-social behaviour and litter.

The resident from Waterloo who was asking for a rerouting of the footpath over his property was present to give the background to his request. He has spoken to walkers who are more comfortable with skirting the next field rather than walking up his driveway.

Tidings magazine is still in need of a lead distributor and one lady came forward to offer her services.

An email from a representative of a volunteer group has been received regarding the possibility of putting a defibrillator in one of the old phone boxes. Some time ago the boxes were scheduled to be removed and the one from The Boundaries has gone. The one left is not in the best of shape and if they are not available attaching it to the village hall was the next location picked. The parish council had looked at purchasing a defibrillator in previous months, but the cost and other factors resulted in not going ahead with it.

Village Matters – An ‘Uneven Ground’ sign has been ordered for the playground. A temporary ‘no dogs’ sign will be put up shortly.

The clerk is still investigating flashing speed signs for positioning near the school. Funding will be needed to allow these to go ahead.

BACT trial of bus stopped because of insufficient usage. Most of the users were students going to Bungay High School and they now have signed up with Lamberts and use them instead. A cheaper alternative was looked for but not found.

Cllr Thrower was contacted regarding the street lights that are currently not working. There has been a lot of confusion in the paperwork regarding post numbers. Hopefully this has now been straightened out and light will return to the 2 posts soon.  Since the loss of some of the village lights minor accidents (e.g. walking into posts) have occurred, please take care when walking in the dark and make use of a torch to light your way.

Correspondence – Request from NARS for donation – the council agreed to donate £50.00 to this charity manned by volunteers.

Planning Matters – IS/Aldeby FP8/S119 – Proposed Diversion of part of Aldeby Footpath No.8 Having discussed the matter in the parishioners ten the council had nothing to add and agreed the path should be moved.

Any Other Business – The clerk requested to draw out £28.00 from the Gregorian allotment fund to add to this year’s allotment rents which would make the gift up to £15.00 for 2018.

Permission to site a bus shelter opposite the village hall has been sought with Highways.

Cllr Massingham said he would like to propose a lightweight but secure
notice board be put in the village hall bus stop. It would be more likely to be read by waiting bus users and the cost is substantially less than a new like for like board to replace the metal one there at the moment, along with t cost of siting it. The old one could then be removed and improve the line of site for the bus. The parish council agreed.

Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday, 6 February, at 7.30 pm.

Mrs Julia Punt, clerk to the parish council
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