Lent Lunches: 8, 15 March, 5 April 2019

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In recent years we have widened our vision in the Waveney Group of Churches and joined together to raise funds for those living in other parts of the world, often in troubled circumstances, who have basic needs that we can scarcely imagine.

The Bishop’s Lent 2019 Appeal aims to help tackle modern-day slavery in North India, by raising funds for the Diocese of Durgapur’s Anti-Human Trafficking programme. The targeted area, says the Appeal, is

“on the border between India and Bangladesh. The local residents are illiterate and live below the poverty line, earning less than US $1 per day, which is a major reason for trafficking in this area. People unwittingly get trafficked due to lack of job opportunities, their socio-economic status and their lack of awareness about human trafficking.”

The programme focuses both on helping local residents become aware of human trafficking and supporting the education of children living in Balhura Safe House.


There will be three local Lent Lunches in support of the appeal, from 12.30 to 2 pm at the following addresses:

Friday, 8 March — Miranda and Jamie Napier, Litchmere Cottage, Litchmere Lane, Kirby Cane (tel. 01508-518019)

Friday, 15 March — Michael and Deborah Preston, 14 Newgate, Kirby Cane (limited space, tel. 01508-518223)

Friday, 5 April — Clare and Robert Seppings, Laburnum Cottage, Bungay Road, Stockton (tel. 01508-518197)

We are very grateful to the parishioners who have offered their homes. Please ring them to say you intend to come.

We enjoy a simple meal together (bread, cheese and an apple/piece of fruit) and give as generously as we can whilst enjoying the food and fellowship.

Do try to attend at least one of the lunches or make a donation through those holding the three Lunches.


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