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<<Tidings, March 2019>>

Writing these words, I have a sense of looking backward and forward at one and the same time. A week ago, a small decorative hawthorn was planted on Little Row in Geldeston in memory of Leslie and Lilian Lane who were, respectively, 97 and 108 years old when they died.

Their lives link us to another age, especially the lore and stories that Mr Lane left behind. He spent much of his youth in his grandfather’s company and at times his stories, therefore, take us back almost two hundred years into the past.

This month we remember, in particular, the late Douglas Sayer (1930-2019), someone not born in Norfolk (or Suffolk) but who lived here most of his life and contributed a great deal to the community (see his obituary).

How are their memories preserved and the wisdom they passed on to those ready to listen? Much has never been written down or recorded, more’s the pity. So, it’s encouraging to find all the old documents, photographs and maps that unpaid enthusiasts have gathered over recent years on the websites of our villages. As I was putting together this online version of the Tidings magazine it was heartening to explore  The Signpost in Ellingham and Kirby Cane, the parish council website for Gillingham and Geldeston’s own website.

Putting Tidings on the internet does not mean the printed magazine will cease to exist: it  is and will remain the most important channel we have for communication between and about our villages. I must apologise, therefore, to both distributors and readers for the disruption to the delivery of the February issue. Bar unforeseen mishaps and delays, that will not happen this month.

And my thanks to all in our five parishes who continue to remind me about useful information omitted from the magazine: our second Mobile Library route in Ellingham and Kirby Cane; School term and holiday dates; and more besides.

John Crowfoot

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