Getting down and dirty – why compost?

<<Tidings, March 2019>>

Being part of the Community Composting Scheme in Geldeston gives me considerable satisfaction.

As a species, we have been extracting minerals, gravel, sand, coal and the like from Mother Earth for centuries. The idea of recycling food and garden waste to enrich the soil once more appeals to me. “Think globally, act locally” say Friends of the Earth. Today the concept is more important than ever.

What do we do in the composting scheme? Bags of kitchen/garden waste are collected from contributing households by our drivers. When the bags are offloaded at the composting site, the unusable material is sifted out and discarded, the bags are weighed, and the good stuff is layered into bins. Like a hive of bees, we composters work together for the common good.

Once the covers are on, it’s time for tea and biscuits and a chat. Then (hey presto!) a few months later, that same waste has been transformed into moist, dark rich compost. The complex chemical processes are beyond me but there is a simple pleasure in feeding my allotment with such nutritious food.


I am proud of what we have been doing in Geldeston for the past 14 years. The icing on the cake is that the district council pays us by weight for what we recycle. The proceeds then assist any project our team agrees on, benefitting the environment and our parish.

Want to get involved? Come along one Monday morning to see what we do.

Call Margaret on 01508-518415 to learn more.