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Draft minutes of February 2019 meeting

Agenda items discussed:


Six members of the public attended. One resident, having witnessed a near miss accident at the blind bend on The Street near No 80 (leaving the village towards the Boundaries), suggested double yellow lines.

The parish council have looked at this option before, this would entail consultation with residents who would have the ability to object and which would probably reduce the car parking available. Councils do not tend to approve short sections of double yellow lines in villages as they do not have the resources to enforce it.

Parking on corners is in contravention of the law and should be avoided to help prevent accidents.


Cllr Massingham welcomed Mrs Marjorie Brown who has agreed to be co-opted to the council to fill the current vacancy. She stated that she would like it known that she is a member of the Village Hall Committee.

The clerk reminded the councillors that, with reference to the upcoming parish council elections in May, parish council candidate’s applications must be submitted between 9.00am 20th March and 4.00pm on the 3rd April and delivered by hand to South Norfolk Council offices in Long Stratton.

The clerk highlighted that because of the period of Purdah prior to the elections, the Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Parish Council Meeting being scheduled for 1st May were not appropriate for that date. Cllr Hoare suggested moving the meeting to the following week (the 8th May). All councillors agreed and the clerk will see if the village hall is available on that day.


Kings Dam flooding remains an issue. Residents are warned that with the recent spell of cold weather the water has been frozen, and this is increasing the risk for pedestrian accidents. Having spoken with the Highways department they maintain the problem is the responsibility of the landowner/developer of the site but correspondence with the Broads Authority is still ongoing. County Cllr Mrs Stone is keeping an eye on the situation with a view to an early resolution.

Permission has been received from Highways to proceed with the placement of a new bus shelter opposite the village hall for Norwich bound buses.

Another Litter Pick is being scheduled for a Saturday in early April.

Cllr Massingham said that he has had the broken gates to the playground mended but felt that the gate to the playground is too heavy for the posts and a lighter one is needed. Clerk to purchase ‘No Dogs allowed’ sign for the playground. Residents are again reminded that it is a fineable offence not to clear up after your dog.

The parish council noticeboard has now been replaced and relocated to the inside of the brick bus shelter.

The clerk has approached the Waveney River Trust with a suggestion of some repair work being done on the steps down to the river at Dunburgh. They are currently looking into this. Cllr Black reported that now the grass has died back along the river there is a lot of rubbish laying around and asked if the clerk could approach them for some manpower to help dispose of it. The clerk agreed to ask but would first approach the Broads Authority to see if they would be prepared to remove it.

The lamp by the village hall bus shelter is only working intermittently. The work on the road in front of the bus shelter has been carried out and hopefully now the problem of water gathering and being sent into the bus shelter will be solved.

Carers Matter – supporting unpaid carers across Norfolk, please see council website for full details.


Application Type: Prior Notification. Change from Agricultural building to C3 Dwelling. 2018/1993 Location: McDonalds Restaurant Norwich Road Gillingham Norfolk NR34 0HF. Proposal: Reconfiguration and extension of existing car park. Amendment regarding car parking.


Bungay Black Dog Running Club Marathon Sunday 14th April – details of route taken.

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