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editor<<Tidings, April 2019>>

There was so much material for this issue that certain items were left out, to be included in the May edition of Tidings.

We are now in the season of Lent – an interesting word. In other Christian churches this period before Easter is called the Great Fast. In England we use a word of Anglo-Saxon origin that simply means “spring”. Today we don’t face natural food shortages at this time of year, but in the past stocks of food harvested and set aside the previous summer would begin to run low in March and April. Hence the name.

By the way, we do not charge local organisations, such as our village halls, churches, and clubs (or local charities) for publishing their information or news in the magazine. To make this quite clear, in this issue paid items are marked (@). Coming events are advertised in Tidings according to when they will happen: the earliest are towards the front of the magazine.

We also include, free of charge, information supplied about Births, Deaths and Marriages (and see  “Getting Married in Church (pt 1)”).

Among news items: from this month onwards, there will only be one
Mobile Library stop in Geldeston. There was no space left for the item about “Relaunching the Produce Show” but I can confirm that it will be held this year on Saturday, 16 August.

John Crowfoot

In the May issue of Tidings:

– Getting Married in Church, part 2
– Relaunching the Produce Show (16 August)


Mr Stephen Lane has asked me to correct the ages of his remarkably long-lived grandparents as quoted in this column last month. Mr Leslie and
Mrs Lilian Lane were, respectively, 97 and 104 years old when they died.

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