District and Parish Elections 2019. Some results

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Parish and District Council Elections: Thursday, 2 May 2019

Voting from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm

Local Polling Stations

Geldeston Memorial Hall, Gillingham Village Hall,
and Broome Village Hall (for Ellingham, Kirby Cane & Stockton)


Parish Council Elections.
Some Results

Fewer candidates were nominated as parish councillors
in two of our parishes than the total seats allocated for each.

After a no-contest election, the following may serve as parish councillors until 2023

(seven-member council)

Lydia Keep; Linda Rowntree; Ian Ansell, John Crowfoot, Patrick Dawnay

Two councillors may be co-opted. Feel like joining? Contact the Parish clerk: Mrs Tina Page, geldestonclerk@hotmail.co.uk

(seven-member council)

Mrs Marjorie Brown, Mrs Maureen Foreman, Mrs Margaret Thrower, Mrs June Ward; Mr Chris Hoare, Mr Rae Massingham, Mr Bill Warman

Mrs Julia Punt, juliapuntgpc@btinternet.com

(nine-member council)

Lesley Lodge, Julie Pickering; Richard Canham, John Cook, Michael Skipper, Iain Wright

Three more councillors may be co-opted. Feel like joining? Contact the Parish clerk: Jane Love, kceclerk@gmail.com


Parish councils can co-opt additional councillors to make up the numbers if they fall below their statutory total.

Anyone interested in becoming a parish councillor in Geldeston or Kirby Cane & Ellingham should apply to the Clerk of that parish (email addresses above. See Contacts for local councils for tel. nos, etc).