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editor<<Tidings, May 2019>>

There’s quite a lot in this issue – and two items have been held over yet again until June: “Relaunching the Produce Show” (which began in summer 1943); and the concluding part of  “Getting Married in Church”.

Last year we in Geldeston put a lot of work into getting our churchyard back into shape as a Conservation Area. This spring it not only looked cared for, there was also an abundance of flowers, one kind after another. Daffodils, snowdrops, bluebells, primroses – and this will continue until late in June. Help is needed, and appreciated, in doing the work. It’s taken just a few hands to achieve this miracle: our thanks, in particular, to Lenny and Christine Pigney who helped to rake up the cut grass last autumn, enabling all these flowers to appear now.

As a community magazine it seems important to let everyone know who is representing them on our parish councils.

The share of taxes they receive to spend is very modest, but that is more than equalled by the unpaid efforts of diligent councillors and our part-time clerks. Let them know what you want – and remember to thank them when they get something done for your community.

John Crowfoot

In the June issue of Tidings:

Relaunching the Produce Show (Saturday, 17 August)
Getting Married in Church, part 2


The author of our “Thought for the Season” in April, Revd Jill Haylock, lives near Sisland (not Worlingham).

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