Along the Waveney

<<Tidings, June 2019>>

All clear at Gillingham Beach!

In the 1950s and 1960s, when I was a child, there really was a place on the River Waveney where clear yellow sand had formed in such a way that one could step off the bank onto its smooth surface and swim and cavort in safety. Many families made their way there in the summer to enjoy this unique place. Sadly, the sand has disappeared.

Instead, over many months, a huge amount of rubbish has accumulated along the riverbank, and among the reeds there. Good people pulled this unsightly rubbish out of the water and piled it onto the river wall. As well as general household waste it included a set of drums, clothing, a cooker, bicycle and cycle parts, batteries, shoes, fenders and a go-kart!

We are proud, and relieved, to report that all of this unsightly material was removed on Saturday 20 April by volunteers and disposed of at South Norfolk’s Recycling Site in Bergh Apton (a free facility, please note, run by the council). A vote of thanks to everybody who helped with this task – parish councillor Jane Black and her team of Gillingham litter pickers; members of The River Waveney Trust; and Peter James of Norfolk/Norwich Ramblers, who provided the necessary vehicle and trailer on the day.

Margaret Rose Langran

Closure of Dunburgh Steps
27 May to 6 July

For the duration of repairs to the Steps they cannot be used to access the riverbank from late May to early July, by order of the Norfolk County Council legal officer. The restriction may last longer, depending on the progress of repair work