From the editor

<<Tidings, June 2019>>

Summer is almost here. One more issue of Tidings before I take a break, as well. For the sake of our gardens and surrounding nature I hope there will be a good mixture of “sunshine and showers” over the coming months. Then, unlike last year, there will something to put on display this August at the annual Produce Show. (20)

We now distribute over one thousand copies of Tidings to households throughout our parishes. Thanks are due to all five chief distributors who count out the copies and pass them on to the thirty volunteers who bring them to your doorstep: to Julie in Geldeston, Deborah in Kirby Cane, Frances in Ellingham and to Sandra who has taken over so efficiently in Gillingham. A special word of thanks to Paula Jeffries who has delivered the magazine in Stockton over the past years: it is high time someone stepped forward and took her place. The only reward any of us receive is knowing that we are contributing to our communities by getting involved.

For several months Tidings has encouraged people to vote in the parish and district council elections. The results of that election are here,  introducing our new Ditchingham-based district councillor. Two of our parish councils still do not have as many councillors as are allotted to them. They meet five times a year – give it a go!

Lastly, spare a thought for the hedgehog, now emerging from hibernation. Leave some hedges, please, for it to hunt along and, if you can, don’t clear away every wildflower and blade of grass in front of the hedge – that’s part of the protective corridor that enables our hedgepigs to snuffle safely from one place to another, eating up slugs and insects.

John Crowfoot


The phone number for Keep Fit in Kirby Cane should read 01508-518620.