Relaunching the Produce Show

<<Tidings, June 2019>>

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Last year was so dry that for only the second time since 1943 we were forced to cancel the annual Produce Show. No one, even our star gardeners, had anything worth showing.

That gave us a chance to rethink the way we do things. We are changing some of the prize categories; increasing the value of the top prizes; and introducing rules to ensure that our cups change hands more regularly.

Each year we invite everyone in our five parishes who cooks and gardens to enter vegetables, fruit and flowers, cakes, jams and bread, in a yearly competition for our cups. The event takes place in Geldeston, and the display of natural abundance will look particularly good this year in our wonderful, light, renovated hall with its large windows. But it is open to all living in our five parishes and more and more participants come outside Geldeston.

During the afternoon there will be teas and side-shows on the Village Green (aka the Sawpit) next to the Wherry Inn and, as always, the day ends with an auction of donated produce. At one time, the vegetables and fruit were donated directly to Beccles Hospital. Nowadays, we make cash donations to local charities. This year the Produce Show will come at the end of the village festival and Scarecrow Trail planned for a fortnight in

We are thankful to the Village Hall Committee for its continuing support. If you have suggestions for improving the event, or want to lend a helping, please get in touch.

John Crowfoot