Road Crossing Safety Signs, Stockton

<<Tidings, June 2019>>

Following a successful campaign to erect bus shelters to protect local residents from the elements and the fumes / backspray from fast moving traffic, we now hope to install motion sensor activated flashing signs to warn drivers of pedestrians trying to cross to the other side of this main road.

We are a small community, but our excellent bus service and our new shelters are frequently used by many people from the surrounding villages. A local schoolboy was killed, however, when alighting from a bus a few years ago and we dread another such accident. The warning signs will make life safer for our most vulnerable residents, the young and the elderly.

The cost of this project is just over £ 22,000 plus VAT. To date we have raised or have been promised more than half that amount. We have now approached the Calor Community Fund for a £ 5,000 contribution – Their response depends on our project receiving a very large number of votes. Contact them, please, and support our application!!

Ailsa Pringle,
Chairwoman, Stockton Parish Meeting