Geldeston Green Project

Tidings, July-August 2019

An area combining the natural habitat with villagers’ desire for a public access open space — that was the idea behind the Geldeston Green Project, on Station Road. It was launched in 2012.

Since then it has been transformed into a family- and dog-friendly open space containing an orchard, seating area, newly planted hedges and ten allotment plots. Dogs are welcome on the Green, but owners are asked to clean up any poo – especially when passing the allotment area to ensure no fouling in this area. There is a convenient poo bin at the top of Locks Lane.

The Green at this time of year is alive with colourful wildflowers including dandelions in full bright flower or displaying their round seeded heads. They share the stage with shining bright buttercups, which contrast with purple ground ivy, red nettle, lush green dock, thick patches of russet coloured sheep’s sorrel, mauve and pink cranesbill and scarlet pimpernel. Such a lovely rainbow of colours and it is well worth a visit to view the display.

In the fast moving and stressful life that many of us live nowadays, Geldeston Green provides a quiet and beautiful spot to reconnect with nature and is a treasure for all the village to enjoy.


There are currently nine allotments being tended on the Green and the signs look good for a bountiful harvest. For those wishing to join the allotmenteers’ group, there are at least four further spaces available.

Enquiries about availability of plots to Tina Page, the parish clerk (07703-567622), please, or to Margaret Rose Langran (01508-518415).