Fundraising activities in Ellingham

Tidings, September 2019

The Bingo Night, as last year, was a great success. The hall was full, and it was a brilliant, funny evening. With prizes of up to £25 I think everyone had a great time. There were amazing items to be won in the raffle and the evening raised £300 for the East Coast Hospice.

The Yard Sale on 21 July, unfortunately, was not as good as our first effort in 2018.

Quite a few people did not show up to run their stalls, so we thank the ones who did – they had a really good day. We still raised £170, of which the Village Hall set aside £70 for a second table-tennis table and £100 for the Playing Field.

A Clairvoyant Night with Stephen Treadaway had an excellent turn out. Stephen was on top form and gave quite a few readings. The event raised £604, half of which was donated to the primary school, the other half to the Village Hall.

Sarah Hanlan