Now Gillingham has a Defibrillator

Tidings, September 2019

A group of mums from Gillingham decided to get together and fundraise to get a defibrillator installed at Gillingham Village Hall.

Half the proceeds from a disco held by “The friends of Gillingham Primary school” went into the Fund. Additional money came from a village Bingo Night held by the mums. There was a large cash injection from Greater Gabbard Offshore Ltd; and a small donation from the Gillingham Early Years pre-school group which meets at the hall.

In a relatively short time, we managed to raise all the money needed and purchased the defibrillator from Heart 2 Heart. Our thanks to Hunt Electrical Ltd who fitted the defibrillator for us for free. It is now up and running outside, on the front of Gillingham Village Hall, with full instructions for use.

A little community spirit, as this shows, goes a long way. Thank you to all involved! It is a very proud achievement.

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