Drivers Wanted

Tidings, September 2019

Geldeston Community Composting Group.

Are you concerned about the state of the planet? Do you wonder whether your own efforts might make a difference?

Our well-established composting group welcomes volunteers at its site in Geldeston on Monday mornings, from spring to autumn, for a variety of tasks. Our work has already been described on this website (Tidings, March 2019). To function smoothly there must be a balance between the households that currently contribute garden waste (they total 38) and our various volunteers who each week collect, weigh, sort and compost the waste.

At present, we are particularly keen to recruit more car drivers with towing facilities. They are needed to tow the group trailer with their own car and, with a helper, collect the bags from contributing households around the parish. They then deliver the bags to the site, where other volunteers are waiting to begin the year-long process of turning this waste into compost.

Come and join us! We work as a team, but at our own pace, and enjoy a natter and refreshments afterwards.

Geldeston Community Composting Group