Ellingham United Charities 2019

Tidings, September 2019

Applications for financial support in 2019-2020 are invited, using the appropriate form, by 31st October 2019.

Forms are available from Kirby Cane Post Office & Stores and should be returned in a sealed envelope to the box in the shop, marked for the attention of Ellingham United Charities.

The trustees manage income from land owned by the charity and distribute these monies for

  1. The support & assistance of Ellingham residents who are experiencing financial hardship;
  2. Groups or organisations based in Ellingham who provide not-for- profit services to the community;
  3. The education of young  parishioners, under the age of 25, in need of financial support for their studies;
  4. The financial costs associated with the maintenance and administration of St Mary’s Church assets.