Produce Show results

Tidings, September 2019

Our 2019 Special Awards (VPA 74)

1. Major Eastick Challenge Cup Mr Maurice Ward (Gillingham)
2. PRHA Challenge Cup Mr Michael Tuck (Geldeston)
3. Robert Wilson Challenge Cup Mr J.A. Rolt (Geldeston)
4. Marven Kistruck Challenge Cup Mrs Diana Wadley (Kirby Cane)
5. Lilian Lane Cup = Mrs Diana Wadley (Kirby Cane)
= Mrs Tracey Cable (Geldeston)
6. Albert Warner Cup Miss Emily Ward (Gillingham)
7. Betty Crowfoot Challenge Cup Gillingham School

There were no less than one hundred exhibits in this year’s show.

Our judges, who always come from outside the Waveney Group of Parishes, expressed admiration for the overall quality of the vegetables, fruit, flowers and household classes on display at Geldeston Village Hall on Saturday, 17 August.

The Show is now in its 74th year.

To see a list of cup-winners since 1990, click on one of the prize titles.