The Village Produce Show, 1943-1946

Tidings, September 2019

On Friday, 13 September 1946 a public meeting was held in Geldeston Village Hall to discuss the future of the wartime Village Produce Shows. Miss Mabel Pocock and Mrs Molly Crowfoot, who had served, respectively, as Chair and Secretary to the committee, were stepping down. “Now more men were available”, they felt, a new committee should be formed.

Miss Pocock proposed that all present at the meeting, as well as old committee members who could not attend, should become members of the new VPA committee. The new committee was made up of the following 17 members:

Miss Mabel Pocock former chairperson The Knowle, Geldeston Hill
Mrs John (Molly) Crowfoot former secretary The Old House  
Mrs Thurlow    
Mrs Mabel Hall    Gillingham
Mrs E. Randle   Postmistress (32 The Street)
Mrs Ethel Taylor     Riverview, Big Row
Mr H. Guymer Chairman  
Mr Arthur Spaul Secretary  
Mr Charles Phipps Treasurer Shopkeeper (Old Post Office)
Mr H. Smith    
Mr Ralph Hartt   Landlord of Wherry Inn
since 1930s
Mr G. Spratt    
Mr H. Newsom    
Mr G. Taylor    
Mr J. Richardson    
Mr Leslie Grant Vice-chairman Head gardener, Geldeston Hall
Mr Clem Hall   Village Hall caretaker 
Miss Burslem   School house. Headmistress of
Geldeston Primary School