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Tidings, September 2019

3 July meeting (draft minutes)

NOTE: Allotment Rents will be accepted from 6.30 pm to 7.15 pm before the next, 4 September meeting. No payments will be taken once the parish council meeting has started.

Agenda Items discussed in July included:

Parish Ten – parishioners’ slot. Four members of the public attended. The Waterloo representative attended to update the parish council on the sign to Waterloo on the A143 that has disappeared.

This was reported to Highways in April 2018 and finally an answer has been received: they are not interested in replacing the sign in the hedge opposite the turning. South Norfolk Council (SNC) has responded that Waterloo might need permission to erect a new sign. The representative from Waterloo said he felt that the sign is vital as he has been overtaken on the wrong side of the road while waiting to turn in.

A suggestion of putting plastic spikes on top of the playground swings to try and prevent birds landing has been received.

Village Matters – Cllr Hoare asked if we needed to replace the playground gate which was currently permanently open. Cllr Massingham said he would look at the prices for a new lightweight gate. A sofa has been dumped over the footbridge towards the church – report to SNC for retrieval and disposal.

The council discussed the encroachment of a fence onto the playground land and will be investigating this with a view to rectifying the situation, along with the pile of garden waste left nearby.

Planning Matters – Cllr Warman said he would like to see the details for the development management committee’s meeting widely publicised regarding the proposed new housing development which is due to take place on 21st August. Clerk to put up separate notices.

Any Other Business – Work repairing Dunburgh Steps is progressing well.

Date of Next Meeting – Please note that the next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 4th September, 2019 (there is no meeting in August) and will start at 7.30 pm. Everybody is welcome to attend.

Clerk – Mrs Julia Punt, tel 01502-575518, email —
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