Gillingham PC update

Next meeting, Wednesday, 2nd October, 2019 at 7.30 pm

Tidings, October 2019

Draft minutes of the 4 September meeting.

Agenda items discussed included:

Parish Ten – parishioners slot. The parish council were sorry to hear that Chris Cook of Thurlton had recently died. Chris was our auditor and the council send their condolences to his family.

District Councillor James Knight attended our meeting. Following the summer break there was not much to report, he said, other than the Local Plan would soon be under proper consultation but was at the moment still being finalised. The planning application for the new houses, on the land next to the Boundaries, had been delayed due to layout concerns. The current date for its consideration by the Planning Committee was 8 September. Cllr Knight had relayed the Parish Council’s concerns to the Committee.

Cllr Warman asked, why, if sufficient land had been identified to meet the demand, it was necessary to build the houses in Gillingham, and when only ten were the initial application the total had now risen to 22. Cllr Knight replied that there was a need to go above the initial demand.

Mrs Jane Black said she would like to organise another Litter Pick and after consulting the department which supplies the equipment, would let the clerk know a suggested date. There have been reports of a lot of plastic coming off a field on Kings Dam: Cllr Knight suggested contacting the council waste handling department to look into it.

Village Matters — Cllr Warman said the poor condition of the road surface in Kings Dam was being made worse by heavy lorries. He is also concerned about the speed vehicles travelled down it with no footpaths to protect pedestrians. He asked if the council could try and get some more speed signs put up.

Clerk to ask again for the footpath between King’s Dam and the Old Yarmouth Road to be cut. The clerk said she had asked the playground maintenance company to cut back the nettles in front of the allotment notice board. Cllr Warman volunteered to try and smarten it up. Cllr Massingham said he had installed the No Dogs sign and the bird prevention strips with varying degrees of success.

Correspondence – Walnut Tree and hedge

The parish council received a letter from the new secretary of the Village Hall regarding the nearby walnut tree and hedge. It is now obscuring the view from the bus stop and the council are concerned with it growing up into the wires above and over the road.

The clerk told her she had been in contact with the Parish Tree Warden who would get in touch with the person who had put it there.

Planning Matters – 2019/0785 Village Farmhouse new build:  approved with conditions.

Any Other Business

The clerk said she had had a phone call from a lady who had picked up some keys in The Street. They have a yellow tag on them. The owner can contact the parish clerk to claim them back.

The chairman said he was still hoping to have the bus shelter opposite the Village Hall installed and had found a cheaper installer.

The clerk had taken some Allotment Rents prior to the meeting and would like to thank those who turned up. However, there are still some outstanding and the holders need to contact her as soon as possible to make arrangement to pay their rents.

Date of Next Meeting: Please note that the next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 2nd October, 2019 and will start at 7.30pm. Everybody is welcome to attend.

Julia Punt, Clerk to the Council.

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