Gillingham Primary School

— Tidings, October 2019 —

St Michael’s Church of England Primary Academy is a small village school attended by 70 children; it is located behind the Boundaries Estate on the Geldeston Road.

We have three classes, each named after a bird: our Skylarks are 4-7 years old; the Mallards are 8-9; and the Swans are 10-11 years old. There are three full time teachers, each supported by teaching assistants.

September can only mean one thing: we give a very big, warm welcome to all our new children joining us not only in Skylarks but also in Mallards and Swans. All children have been settling in really well to new routines, teachers and classrooms as they progress through the school.

Skylark class are learning all about Houses and Homes this half term and they are discovering that not all houses are the same as well as comparing their own home life to home life of times gone by. They have also been recreating a Christening through drama, deciding who will take on the roles of Priest, Parents and Godparents and saying their own prayers to welcome the baby into the family of the church.

Vickie White