Languages Day

— Tidings, November 2019 —

At Gillingham St Michaels Primary School.

Our annual Languages Day was once again a great success. All the children took a real interest in learning the language chosen for their class and finding out about the country where it is spoken.

Skylarks looked at Spain. They learnt the “finger family” song in Spanish and greeted each other and their teacher with “hello, how are you?” Children were able to respond with “I am fine, how are you?” During the afternoon the class danced the Flamenco to La Bamba.

Mallards also looked at Spain. They learnt all about Spanish breakfasts and were able to say their favourite; then they had a go at creating a traditional Spanish recipe “pan con tomate”. Children were able to name all the necessary ingredients in Spanish. Pan con tomate involves rubbing toast with garlic and then adding pulped tomatoes and olive oil. YUM!

The Swans looked at Italy and spent the morning learning how to tell each other their name, age and where they lived. They designed and then made their own pizzas and were able to label them in Italian, as pepperoni, formaggio and Pomodoro.

Vickie White

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