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— Tidings, November 2019 —

The Stockton Parish Meeting, 15 September 2019

The Red Ensign was raised on the village sign on 2 September to mark Merchant Navy Day and flew for a week. The number of poppies for the November display are increasing but more are needed; knitting / crochet patterns are available.

The repairs to the church have been completed.

  • No information as yet on adopting the BT telephone box.
  • The latest news was given about the monies raised and grants approved for the safety signs on the A146, also details of the forthcoming Fairy Walk plans.
  • Work to make the bus shelters more secure has been completed. Rubbish is being left in the bus shelters, please keep an eye out.

County Councillor Margaret Stone briefed the Meeting about various issues, in particular discussions on rural transport and out-of-hours access to Loddon library, now available via a chip-and-pin card.

One planning matter was discussed and leaflets were handed out dealing with depression in the farming and rural community.

Next Parish Meeting will be held on Monday, 9 December 2019, at Buchan House, Bungay Road.

Ailsa Pringle

Christmas Coffee Morning, 11 December

Stockton Church Council intends to hold a “Christmas Coffee Morning” at Laburnum Cottage in mid-December, when some gifts and seasonal items will be on sale. See notice boards and next month’s Tidings for details.

Clare Seppings

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