New volunteers needed

(March 2020)


Since 2006 our group has spearheaded local efforts towards a greener future, collecting and making compost of Geldeston’s garden waste, and earning recycling credits from Norfolk County Council, because our activities reduce the demand for landfill sites.

This year the group must quit the site it has occupied for the last 13 years, nears The Boundaries, and four of our founder members are retiring. We can set up a new site somewhere else but are very keen to find new helpers to keep the scheme running.

We collect garden waste each year from April to September. If you can lend your support on two Mondays a month, say, for 1-2 hours that would be fantastic. All helpers may take finished compost to use in their own gardens.

Please contact Margaret Langran on 01508-518415
for all information about the composting group.