Lent Lunches 2020

The Bishop of Norwich’s Lent Appeal
(in Kirby Cane, Stockton and elsewhere)

In recent years we have widened our vision of the world and joined together to raise funds for those living elsewhere, often in troubled circumstances and who have basic needs which we can scarcely imagine. In 2020, the Bishop’s Lent Appeal is looking to support the Diocese of Dogura in Papua New Guinea, one of our companion link dioceses, by raising the funds for them to purchase a second-hand car.

One of the most pressing issues for the Diocese of Dogura is that they do not have their own transport to and from major towns. The current, unreliable external transportation often makes people late for crucial appointments and meetings as well as separating the schools and medical staff from easy access to much needed resources. The car would be a huge help for them so that they can reach those around them, lend aid, give support and share the Gospel.

This year there will be three Lent Lunches. We are very grateful to the following parishioners who have offered their homes. Please do try and attend at least one (or kindly send a donation).

You will remember that we enjoy a very simple lunch together: soup, bread and an apple/piece of fruit). Please give as generously as we can, whilst enjoying the food and fellowship. The dates and venues are as follows:

Friday 28 February : Clare and Robert SEPPINGS
Laburnum Cottage, Bungay Road, Stockton (01508 518197)

Friday 6 March : Michael and Deborah PRESTON
14 Newgate, Kirby Cane (limited space, please call 01508 518223)

Friday 20 March : Miranda and Jamie NAPIER
Litchmere Cottage, Litchmere Lane, Kirby Cane (01508 518019)