Gillingham PC update

Minutes of Gillingham Parish Council held February 2020.

Agenda items discussed included:

Parish Ten – parishioners slot.

The next ‘Great Litter Pick’ will be on Saturday, 25th April – posters will be displayed and further details will be available in the March minutes. County Cllr Margaret Stone attended having supplied a report in advance (which can be found on the parish council website or on the notice boards).

Village Matters

The plastic which was buried in a field on Kings Dam, and which has now resurfaced and is finding its way onto the roads, has been reported.

The new bus shelter has now been delivered and is waiting to be installed.

Waterloo Footpath order now waiting for public comment before finalising.

A request has been received regarding street naming for the new development. Due to the opposition when the planning application was originally applied for, the parish council will not be submitting any suggestions.


A request has been received from the village hall committee that the parish council be a Corporate Trustee for the hall. This required further investigation before any informed decision can be made.


2020/0075 SNC – Homelea, Raveningham Rd, Gillingham. Conversion of existing car port/barn to granny annexe. Etc. No objections raised or received.


Norse is now in charge of on-street parking and is regulating restricted parking areas. The clerk was asked to contact them to see if they also regulate parking in surrounding villages.

The clerk reported that there were 15 names on the Octogenarian’s Gift List (money raised from the Gregorian allotment rents) for Christmas 2019.

Mrs Jane Black is taking part in a footpaths’ seminar later in the month.

Dog bins are there for a reason …

During the litter pick which has resulted in a substantial amount of rubbish being collected, the helpers had found that dog poo had been put into bags and flung into hedges. This is totally unacceptable and anti-social behaviour. There is a suspicion of who the culprit is and when caught will be reported and prosecuted.

There are several dog bins in the village. Having gone to the trouble of picking it up, please deposit it responsibly either in a dog bin (the parish council pay for them to be emptied) or, properly bagged, in your black bin at home. Bags of dog poo will NOT be picked up by the litter pickers.

Thefts from homes and allotments

There are burglaries in the area so please be vigilant. Also, thefts and damage at the allotments is occurring – please keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour.

Next meeting Wednesday 4th March.

Julia Punt, clerk to the parish council

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