Social Distancing Advice (March 2020)

“Get organised, and care for each other”

(updated 23 March)

AVOID — Do not do the following

Group gatherings – visits to bars / restaurants – sleep-overs – playdates – visiting the elderly with children – crowded shops and supermarkets – gyms – visitors to the home – non-essential workers in the home


Visits to supermarkets – visit to pharmacy – visit to GP – Traveling – Checking on safety of family and friends – Public transport


Go for a walk – jogging – working in the home – DIY in and around the home – reading – going for a drive – video calls – phone calls

Vulnerable groups who could be protected by following these measures

elderly patients, those with a history of lung illness, cancer patients, those with immune-suppressed systems or compromised immunity – others with various underlying medical conditions.

Geldeston Coronavirus Community Resilience Hub

offers email, Facebook and WhatsApp contacts and now an Emergency Hotline (48-72 hour response time)

FACEBOOK — Geldeston Coronavirus Community Resilience Hub

The crisis email is for anybody in Geldeston who needs to communicate, or who needs help, during this time. Please note that response times vary and may be between 48 and 72 hours (two to three days).

The original flyer was distributed to every house and business in Geldeston on 16 March.

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