Suspension of Church Services

(April 2020)

Communication and Prayer Resources

It is with sadness and great regret that, due to the spreading Covid-19 virus, our churches are unable to facilitate worship together on Sundays, midweeks or on our principal festivals, especially in this season of Lent and Easter. These will resume as soon as we are able, but only in accordance with the advice of the UK Government and the denominational bodies of the Church of England and Methodist Churches.

In the meantime, however, I am providing as many in our church congregations as possible with as much resources for prayer and personal worship as possible, including the provision of prayer material, sermons, reflective reading and links to digital media, as well as requests for prayer around our villages.

I also hope in this time (he says..!) to create a Facebook page and a full suite of pages on the website “A Church Near You” for our Raveningham and Waveney churches – I realise that this is not a small task and it may take some time but it is vital at this time that we are able to enable and sustain as much connectedness between our churches and communities as possible. These will be important ways to learn more of what is happening and when among our church families.

I remain, as ever, available if you have any queries or needs for pastoral assistance of any kind. Please do give me a ring or drop me an email.

Revd David SMITH, Priest-in-Charge
Waveney Benefice and Raveningham Group of Parishes

Telephone 01502-711645; email —

(First published, 20 March 2020)

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